Rob Schoelkopf – Erasure detection and error correction in a microwave dual-rail encoding

By Quantum Circuits Team
Aug. 1st, 2023

Watch our Co-Founder, Robert Schoelkopf, present exciting recent results on dual-rail encoding of quantum information within microwave resonators, where the dominant source of errors are erasures that can be efficiently detected. This dramatically improves State Preparation and Measurement fidelity and provides a clear path to scalable error correction protocols like the Surface Code.

With today’s hardware performance, such dual resonator systems are expected to be far beyond threshold and offer substantial fidelity gains, both in the near-term with error detection and longer term with full error correction implemented.

Learn more about how these results relate to Quantum Circuits’ approach to building scalable and robust quantum computing systems by reading our blog post about superconducting Dual Resonator Qubits (DRQs) and, for a deeper dive, Quantum Circuits’ 2023 publication on the same subject.