Quantum Circuits appoints Ray Smets as President and CEO

Feb. 28th, 2024
Company gears up for commercial release of breakthrough quantum technology in 2024

Quantum Circuits, Inc., a leader in fault tolerant quantum computers, today announced the appointment of Ray Smets as President and Chief Executive Officer. Ray brings strong high-tech executive business leadership with over three decades of experience building and leading teams across a diverse set of high-growth computing, data center and networking technologies. In his new role, Ray leads Quantum Circuits’ world-renowned quantum physics and engineering teams to fulfill the potential of large-scale commercial quantum computing.

“We have made groundbreaking progress proving that our core technology is uniquely capable of advancing the state-of-the-art in quantum computer science,” said Rob Schoelkopf, Quantum Circuits Chief Scientist and Co-Founder. “Ray’s experience and expertise will be vital as we scale the company to support commercial operations later this year.”

“Robust quantum error correction is one of the most critical hurdles facing the industry,” said Bill Coughran, Partner at Sequoia Capital. “Quantum Circuits’ unique approach of intrinsic error handling at the qubit-level can dramatically simplify the path to commercial quantum applications. Ray Smets is the perfect executive to lead the company into the next stage of growth.”

In his prior roles, Ray has led large-scale cloud operations, sales, marketing, and product execution for public and privately-backed ventures. He has brought new and innovative technology solutions to market at companies including Cisco, A10 Networks, Motorola, and AT&T. Ray was instrumental in driving growth at tech start-up initiatives that led to multiple acquisitions and an IPO. While leading innovating technology efforts in mobile networking, he has been awarded over ten international patents that improved the way people communicate.

“Quantum Circuits is driving quantum innovation from the lab to the cloud,” said Ray Smets, Quantum Circuits President & CEO. “We are at the tipping point of delivering on Rob Schoelkopf’s vision of superconducting quantum computing. I am honored to lead such an accomplished group.”

About Quantum Circuits

Quantum Circuits is a leader in the development of quantum computers designed to scale. An innovative quantum processor architecture integrates high fidelity qubits with intrinsic error detection and handling. High fidelity error detection is a key component to reducing the number of physical qubits necessary to build a useful quantum computer, thus accelerating the timeline to quantum advantage. Quantum Circuits’ team includes pioneers in the development of superconducting quantum science and quantum electrodynamic circuits. For more information, visit