Quantum Circuits Breaks New Ground – Accelerates Path to Commercializing High-fidelity Quantum Computing With Built-in Qubit Error Detection

June 18th, 2024
Integrated quantum software platform includes error-aware simulator to prototype algorithms, paving way for greater scalability of dual-rail qubit-based hardware systems and consistent, trusted computing results

Quantum Circuits, Inc., announced an integrated quantum software platform that paves the way for forthcoming hardware systems and accelerates the path to commercial-ready, fault-tolerant quantum computing with a significant industry first – the ability for users to drive better performance and scale by managing qubit error detection in real-time within their algorithms.

The error-aware integrated quantum software platform is part of a noteworthy development for Quantum Circuits and the industry at large. It tackles a key obstacle, which involves detecting qubit errors to pave the way to scalable error correction and ensure consistent, trusted quantum computing results. The software builds on a more powerful quantum unit with built-in error detection, developed by Quantum Circuits, called dual-rail qubits. They are unprecedented, enabling high-powered, complex computations while helping users pinpoint and resolve errors in real time.

The company’s unique superconducting architecture is predicated on dual-rail qubits, and the software suite enables users to benefit from its error detection capabilities. Available to select customers, it includes a software developers kit, cloud portal, and quantum simulator for prototyping quantum algorithms.

  • Quantum Circuits SDK: Enables users to write quantum applications and deploy in Quantum Circuits’ cloud. A Qiskit provider is also offered as a quick way to get started, translating Qiskit programs to Quantum Circuits’ native software language.
  • Quantum Circuits Cloud Portal: A resource for users to access information on their deployed applications and user accounts. It provides a system to set reservations for usage, monitor system status, and view job queues.
  • Quantum Circuits Simulator: An error-aware quantum simulator that models Quantum Circuits hardware. Developers can prototype algorithms while managing errors in real time. No other system provides direct control over managing quantum errors without changing programs or exerting rigorous effort from users. A fundamental requirement and precursor to hardware systems, the simulator pairs sophisticated Error Detection Handling (EDH) to customize management of built-in detection capabilities and advanced Real-Time Control Flow (RTCF) that leverages tight coupling between classical and quantum computing and reveals opportunities for enhanced algorithm efficiency.

“We are a pragmatic company intent on delivering full-stack, fault-tolerant systems that are commercially viable,” Quantum Circuits CEO Ray Smets said. “Realization of trusted, consistent quantum computing hinges on error correction. Some vendors take a scale-first, correct-second approach, but they experience performance and scalability challenges. We correct first, then scale. Our dual-rail qubit with integrated error detection is an industry first. We’re providing users with real-time introspection of quantum error dynamics occurring in a system.”

Smets added that the integrated quantum software platform represents the first phase of commercial readiness as Quantum Circuits delivers hardware systems and additional developer support.

“We’ve built an architecture with error detection at the qubit level, then layered our software on top of that to write and adjust algorithms,” Smets said. “These are powerful programming features that haven’t been available before to build better algorithms. We’re delivering our integrated quantum software platform ahead of our hardware offerings so customers can prepare in advance for running features. They can start exploring now. They can start exploring with us.”

About Quantum Circuits

Quantum Circuits is founded by quantum physicists, including leading quantum expert and Yale professor Rob Schoelkopf. The company is a leader in the development of quantum computers designed to scale. An innovative quantum processor architecture integrates high-fidelity qubits with intrinsic error detection and handling. High-fidelity error detection is a key component to reducing the number of physical qubits necessary to build a useful quantum computer, thus accelerating the timeline to quantum advantage. Quantum Circuits’ team includes pioneers in the development of superconducting quantum science and circuit quantum electrodynamic. For more information, visit

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