Stephen Horton

Stephen joined Quantum Circuits (QCI) as Vice President of Software with 35 years of software and systems experience driving innovation in several high technology, commercial markets including: autonomous driving, mobile phones, and instrumentation.  Prior to Quantum Circuits, Stephen was Chief Engineer and Director of Product at TuSimple (Ticker: TSPH) where he led the design and development of the world’s first Level 4, AIpowered “virtual driver” system that was successfully run on public roads.  Prior to that, Stephen was Global Head of Autonomous Driving Software at Stellantis (Ticker: STLA) where he and his team built L3-L4 software solutions for leading automotive brands: Jeep, Maserati, RAM, and Pacifica.  Prior to that, Stephen was the Sr. Director of Software Product for 3G/4G Smartphones at Qualcomm (Ticker: QCOM) where he helped define and develop the original Snapdragon SoC and software stack which is now in over 80% of the world’s 15B+ mobile phones.  Stephen also drove the Partner OS team which developed the world’s first 4G Smartphones running Android, Blackberry, Chrome, and Windows Mobile OSs on ARM based embedded SoCs.  Stephen was also Director of Software for Advanced Instrumentation at Thermo Electron (Ticker: TMO) where he helped develop the world’s largest high resolution x-ray sensor for medical imaging, and originally Stephen worked at a Xerox Parc lab programming symbolic instruction set computing machinesStephen holds a Masters in Applied Mathematics & Algorithms from USC and a Bachelors in Theoretical & Experimental Physics from Pomona College Stephen has 17 issued patents with more patents pending in software and system.