Olivier Boireau

Olivier joined Quantum Circuits as Chief Technology Officer with 25 years of experience integrating and maturing new technologies into complex hardware and software systems at scale. Prior to Quantum Circuits, Olivier was VP of Hardware engineering at Samsara and responsible for architecting and designing wireless telematic gateways and AI cameras for monitoring complex physical operations and people who operate large fleets of vehicles. He led teams of firmware, radio, electrical, mechanical and product designers with a focus on innovation, high volume production and high reliability in the field. Prior to that, Olivier spent nine years as founder and CEO of a product design consultancy that brought over one million new devices with unique novel concepts to market. The company delivered connected devices (IOT), mobile phones, consumer cameras and secure payment terminals. Originally, Olivier designed smartphones for Palm Computing and Philips, where he focused on integrating cutting edge technologies in low power architectures, wireless technologies and challenging new form factors. Olivier holds a Masters in electronic and computer science from EFREI in Paris.