Luigi Frunzio

Luigi Frunzio is a Co-Founder of Quantum Circuits and its Chief Technologist. He is currently a Senior Research Scientist at Yale University in the Department of Applied Physics. In 1990, Luigi became a Doctor in Physics at the University “Federico II” of Napoli, Italy, with a dissertation on “Effects of intrinsic fluctuations in current biased Josephson Tunnel Junctions”, advised by Prof. Arturo Tagliacozzo and Dr. Roberto Cristiano. In 2006, Luigi got a PhD in Physics at the University Paris-Sud XI, Orsay, France, with a dissertation on “Design and fabrication of superconducting circuits for amplification and processing of quantum signals”, advised by Marc Gabay and Michel Devoret and prepared while being a W. M. Keck Fellow. Since 2003, Luigi has been collaborating with Michel Devoret, Dan Prober and Rob Schoelkopf in the Applied Physics Department at Yale University on superconducting circuits for quantum computation; superconducting microwave, sub-millimiter and UV/Optical detectors; and superconducting microwave amplifiers.